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Veteran Actor Mai Rwizi From Mhuri yavaMukadota Has Died

Veteran actress Susan Chenjerai, renowned for her role as Mai Rwizi in the popular comedy series “Mhuri yavaMukadota” on Zimbabwe Television (ZTV), has passed away. She was 83 years old.

Chenjerai grew up in the Mbare suburb of Harare and joined Mukadota’s band, Safe Brothers, in 1969. Prior to that, she was part of the Bantu Actors group in 1951 and the Marandellas Bush Babies in 1958.


Over the course of her illustrious career, Chenjerai had the opportunity to work with several prominent Zimbabwean musical acts, including the Wagon Wheels, where she met the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi before eventually collaborating with Mukadota.

Chenjerai has also recorded music with Jordan Chataika. She was still in school when Mukadota approached her after hearing her singing at Majubeki.

When she started singing with Mukadota, Chenjerai was working at Willards before eventually quitting to pursue her musical career.

She then got a job at OK Zimbabwe and stopped touring with Mukadota, whom she said in an interview was moving around with other female performers such as Katarina.

Chenjerai also revealed in the interview that although they used to earn money from the performances, she never made much personally because Mukadota would only give her a portion of the earnings. This prompted her decision to seek employment at OK Zimbabwe.

Chenjerai was married to the late cleric Lovemore Mobate, and at the time of her death, she was a pastor at the New Gospel Church of God.

She is survived by five children, more than 30 grandchildren, and 35 great-grandchildren.

Chenjerai was the recipient of three prestigious awards: the Zimbabwe Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award, the Silver Jubilee Award, and the NAMA Legend Award.

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