New on TV today: Surviving a Serial Killer


Channel: SABC2
TX Time: 21h30
Genre: True Crime, Documentary Series


This series profiles people who have come face-to-face with a murderer and lived to tell the tale.

Each episode delves into the personal stories of brave individuals who have decided to speak about their close encounter with evil.

The series features primary source interviews, pertinent archive material and forensic insight into what it’s like to look into the eyes of a murderer, as the victims share their own nightmarish experience of Surviving a Serial Killer.

The show flips the traditional narrative of a crime documentary on its head – the focus is not on the perpetrator but instead on the people whose lives they so affected.

Meet the survivors featured in the documentary:

Rhonda Stapley

Rhonda was a student at the University of Utah when she was attacked by one of America’s most infamous serial killers.

Few women have survived the deadly embrace of Ted Bundy; Rhonda is one of them.

Mo Lea

Art student Mo Lea moved from Liverpool to Leeds to begin an exciting new life at University.

But her dream turned into a nightmare when she was attacked by the notorious Yorkshire Ripper.

Cindy Brown

For five years Cindy Brown was married to Bobby Joe Long.

During that time, she was physically and emotionally battered by her husband who would go on to kill 10 women in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Delia Balmer

Delia began a relationship with John Sweeney after meeting him in a pub in Camden Town, London.

What Delia didn’t know was that Sweeney was a murderer and, three and a half years later with an axe in hand – he had Delia lined up as his next victim.

Tony Antonucci

When Tony took up an apprenticeship with local contractor John Wayne Gacy, he had no idea that his new boss was an active serial killer.

Just months later, Tony would find himself handcuffed and facing the same grisly fate as Gacy’s 33 other victims.

Jade Reynolds

In December 2006 the bodies of five sex workers were discovered in Ipswich.

It was a terrifying time for Jade Reynolds who worked in the red-light district and soon discovered the killer, local man Steve Wright, was one of her clients.

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