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Meet Rasquesity a Goal Driven And a Creative Master In The Film and Television Industry

Sanele Keaitse aka Rasquesity of Keaitse Films is one of the most multi-talented and creative cinematographer. He is also one of the founders of Hustlers Summit International and Managing Partner at Creative Pot Africa.

He has been in the art industry for 11 years and has won Awards through out the time frame.


In and interview with Celebrity Breeze, Rasquesity stated that art has been his first love since childhood.

“Art has always been my first love since childhood and my dream is to contribute to the development of our industry through film.

“My main motivation is to bring about social change through film,” said Rasquesity.

Below is his Profile:

I am the definition of Film and
Television. I am goal driven
and a creative master who
lives to learn the secrets of
the moving image. I believe
that it is my duty to contribute
to the development of the
regional Film/Television

Work Experience

▪️ Outstanding Television Production at the Bulawayo Arts Awards 2018
▪️ Best Music Video at the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards 2014
▪️ Arthur C Evans Show talk show for MNET’s Zambezi Magic (Director of
▪️ Econet Wireless’ The Come Up Magazine Show (Cinematography/PostProduction/Producer)
▪️ Gold Digger’s Feature Film for MNET’s Zambezi Magic
▪️ Bazukuru Comedy Series (Director of Photography)
▪️ SHOKO FESTIVAL > Voice 2 Rap (Cinematography/Post-Production)
▪️ Channel O Muvi Music Festival (Cinematography)
▪️ MNET @30 Promos and Television Documentaries (Production Assistant)
▪️ Dlala Ngamla Drama series (Producer/Director)
▪️ Multitude of documentaries for World Vision, FES, Community Podium,
Habbakuk trust, BVTA etc.
▪️ Plan International/ Amplifying Girls Voices through digital arts Short Films and
Drama Series (2021-2023)
▪️ High school Diaries Season 1 (Cinematography/Post production)
▪️ UMJOLO Television Magazine show for NRTV 2023 (Cinematography/Post production)
▪️ Mother Nurture Documentary series for NRTV 2023 (Cinematography/Post production)
▪️ Usendo Drama series for 3ktv (Cinematography/Post production)


✔️ From 2012 – 2016 Honours Degree in Film and Theatre Arts Studies
Midlands State University
Degree Class: 2.1

✔️ From 2009 – 2010 Advanced Level (Arts) Zimbabwe College of
Professional Studies
Grade achieved: 14 points

Technical Skills:

🔹 Camera work
🔹 Post production
🔹 Directing
🔹 Lighting
🔹 Producing

Interpersonal Skills:

🔹 Team player
🔹 Critical thinking
🔹 Time management skills
🔹 Coping with pressure
🔹 Flexibility

Few Words to the Fans

Whats important is for one to have passion first before anything. Don’t limit your self in creating what you believe in because film has power to change how we see the world.

Shout out goes to everyone who has supported me in this journey. Arthur Evans, Nkosana Mazibisa, Blessings Ndhlovu, Sabelo Keaitse , Denford Dzingire and above all my mom have played a huge role in my career.

Contact Details:

Mobile: +263 775 459 471
E-mail: keaitsefilmszim@gmail.com
Facebook: Keaitse Films
Instagram: Sanele Keaitse

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