Cricket World Cup Final Ends In Controversy After Act Of ‘Disgrace’ Following Australia’s Win Over India

INDIA fans have been labelled a “disgrace” after their antics at the end of the Cricket World Cup final.

The hosts lost yesterday’s showpiece to Australia by six wickets with 42 balls left.


After victory was confirmed, captains Pat Cummings and Rohit Sharma led the teams up to collect their medals.

But before both the trophy presentation, the umpires received an award for their participation in the final.

English duo Richard Illingworth and Richard Kettleborough were the on-field officials for the game.

They were joined by Joel Wilson and Chris Gaffaney as third and fourth umpires with Andy Pyrcroft the referee.

However, all were booed and jeered by the Ahmedabad crowd as they collected their medals.

India fans have been slammed for their behaviour, one said: “Indian cricket fans booed the umpires at the World Cup final. Disgraceful.”

Another added: “Why on Earth did the Indian crowd boo the umpires? Was it their fault that India were out-thought and outplayed.”

A third reacted: “How can the remaining crowd boo the umpires? They are a disgrace to cricket.”

More commented: “A word about the Ahmedabad crowd, graceless enough to walk away before the presentations, unable to lift the Indian team at any stage and crass enough to boo the umpires.”

World Cup victory completes an incredible year for Australian cricket.

They also won the World Test Championship and retain the Ashes in 2023.

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